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Sergio Gonzalez in the Top of Cuban Beach Volleyball

Sergio Gonzalez Ballard, chosen among the ten best athletes in the eastern province of Holguin last 2009, is a member of the Cuban beach volleyball team, senior category, in spite of being only 19 years old. Read More

La Melba reserve at Humboldt National Park

La Melba is one of the most beautiful and charming places in Cuba. It is located at Alejandro de Humboldt National Park. Read More

Jacqueline Vell , a bet for song

I first heard of Jacqueline Vell because of the song “Se me olvida”. The Holguin native singer boasts her vocal projection and gives us back the song composed by Jesse Suárez, with her unique way of performing. Read More

The Mockingbird is singing again in Banes

The Mockingbird had disappeared. Its bewitching trill ceased to be heard in the few woods that remained in Banes after the pass of hurricane Ike last September 2008. Since then, no mockingbird was spotted all around. Read More

A huge yucca could reach Guinness Record in eastern Cuba

Cropping a 3 meter and 45 centimetre long yucca is really unusual, but Cuban farmer Miguel Antonio Avila Cordova living in the rural town of Bocas, in the municipality of Gibara, Holguin province, took his neighbours by surprise these days when exhibiting his long pipe like vegetable. Read More

Cuban nickel production among lowest in a decade

Cuba's unrefined nickel plus cobalt production appears to have been between 60 000 t and 65 000 t this year, the lowest in a decade, according to radio news during this week. Read More

Kidney Transplant in Holguin is among the first in Cuba

Since the Lucia Iniguez Ladin clinical hospital started kidney transplant in 1996, it has performed some 374 operations of this kind, thus ranking first in the country. Read More

Holguin’s outstanding athletes are among Cuba’s best

Decathlete of Holguin Leonel Suarez Fajardo, world runner up in Berlin, was selected among the ten best athletes in Cuba in 2009, what comes to be a fair recognition for his great results in the international arena in the year about to end.  Read More

Holguin Already Has its Shaolin Chamber

The Kung Fu, a martial art of Chinese origin, escaped from the secret walls of the Shaolin temple to expand all across the world in many styles and different schools. Read More

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