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Energy revolution
The education of the Cuban population in the use of energy sources was the core of presentation Wednesday at the 5th International Encounter on Renewable Energy, Saving and Energy Education, underway in Havana.

Cuban expert Mario A. Arrastia, from the Center for Information Management and Energy Development (CUBANERGIA), proposed a working commission the setting up in all Cuban schools of a children movement able to monitor the rational and efficient use of energy.

In statements to ACN, Arrastia said that experiences relative to the efficient use of energy are relatively new, so there is the need for a solid educative basis in all social sectors in order to guarantee sustainable use of energy in the future.

The expert also suggested the creation of a working commission on

education and promotion at the Permanent Attention Group for Renewable Energy Sources, recently launched by the ministries of Science, technology and the Environment and the Basic Industry.

Cuba kicked off a national energy program in 2005, known as the Energy Revolution, which includes the setting up of networks of small power generators, already operating in 110 of all 169 Cuban municipalities.

The program also includes the rehabilitation of power supply lines, electric poles and domestic appliances.

Source: Trabajadores

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