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Palacio del Segundo Cabo

The first digital edition of the Dictionary on Cuban Literature, an updated version of the printed book, was launched in Havana this month.

According to experts, the CD is an enriched version of the printed book of the same name, launched three decades after the first edition was completed and published by Editorial Letras Cubanas in 1980 and 1984.

The encyclopedia is aimed at experts in Cuban literature, as well as students, specialists and people in general.

Experts from the Literature and Linguistics Institute are also working on a new dictionary that covers the period from the origin of literature to date.

They also completed the titles "Literatura en Cuba (1959-1998)", "Diccionario Bibliográfico de Autores", "Literatura y Emigración Cubana Contemporáneas" and "Autores Cubanos o de Origen en el Exterior (1959-1998)".

Source: DTCuba

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