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Convent of Santa Clara

The former Convent of Santa Clara currently housing the National Centre for Conservation, Restoration and Museology (CENCREM) located on Calle Cuba #610 e/ Sol y Luz, Old Havana, will inaugurate a choral music concert hall on December 28 at 5:00 p.m.

Also the oratorio hall will be the venue of the Men's Camerata Vocal Sine Nomine, unique in Cuban choral music field with the inclusion of counter-tenor voices will play here the last Thursday of every month.

Directed by Alexis Rodríguez, the opening concert program features pieces of composers; Esteban Salas (Cuba), William Byrd (English), Juan Vázquez , Carlos Patiño Tomás Luís de Victoria (Spanish) and pieces of the songbook Upsala by Palacio and Negros Spirituals of choral music ranging from Renaissance period to Gospels.

Camerata Vocale Sine Nomine will host monthly presentations of other ensembles and visual art exhibitions in line with the concert program selected.

The initiative of including notable figures of the Cuban plastic arts starts with Carlos Guzmán and Sesti di Lucca, whose works focus saints and secular people closely linked to Medieval Mythology.

The inauguration of a new concert hall in Old Havana is an excellent offer for choral music and contemporary Cuban plastic arts lovers, a project to develop and enjoy within the stone walls of an ancient Christian Convent.

Source: CubaSi

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