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Ten works printed in 2005 by different Cuban publishing houses deserved the 2006 National Literary Criticism Award among 150 in competition. This award is sponsored by the Cuban Book Institute (ICL).

The Essay Awards went to Leonardo Acosta for "Alejo en tierra firme", Zaida Capote for "Contra el silencio", Antón Arrufat for "El hombre discursivo", Luis Álvarez and Margarita Mateo for "El Caribe en su discurso literario" and Fina García Marruz for "El amor como energía revolucionaria en José Martí".

For their part, Reinaldo Montero with "La visita de la Infanta" and Leonardo Padura with "La neblina de ayer" walked off with the Novel Award.

Meanwhile, the Short Story, Poetry and Childrens Literature Awards were granted to Mirta Yañez for "Falsos documentos", Alex Pausides for "Ensenada de la Mora" and Ivette Vian for "Una vieja redonda", respectively.

Source: CubaSi

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