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More female pilotes in Cuban Civil Aviation

The incorporation of women into the pilot training courses and their greater promotion to executive positions were topics dealt with during the Fourth National Meeting of Women Executives of Cuban Civil Aviation on Wednesday in the nation's capital.

To date, ten women have graduated, and three of them are today flying as copilots of Aero-Caribbean airlines and the rest are working in the National Air Services Enterprise.

Despite the fact that 453 women workers have completed different courses, relevant in the training of cadres, and that more than 150 are now attending the municipal university program, the meeting heard about the need to raise their demand by means of a selection process that takes into consideration conditions and aptitudes.

The papers presented at the meeting and subjected to debate appraised the strategy put into practice in the civil aviation sector to promote the incorporation of women as well as provide attention to them. However, it was emphasized that the effort is not about trying to achieve a goal or a commitment to increase the presence of women at executive positions of the institution.

The best homage that we can make to our unforgettable Vilma Espin is to evaluate in depth what still needs to be done about the situation of women in the performance of responsibilities in the Civil Aviation sector, noted Magalys Santos, an executive of the organization.

Rogelio Acevedo, president of the Cuban Civil Aviation Institute; Georgina Barreiro, minister of Finance and Prices as well as other trade union leaders of the sector and leaders of political and mass organizations presided over the meeting.

Source: By Gabriel Dávalos, Granma

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