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  • 09 / 23 / 2006

Moncho is an important figure who boosted his fame in what is known as "bolero moruno". Themes such as Carmelo Larreas Camino Verde (green road) path the way. Llévatela (take her with you) and Me Muero, Me Muero (Im dying, Im dying) have stayed with us as unforgettable Monchos hits. He has been admired for his style since his presentation in the International Festival of the Song Varadero67. From that moment on, Monchos relation with Cuba is based on a reciprocal love.

"I have never counted the number of times I have visited Cuba," said yesterday with his characteristic fluency Ramon Calabuch Batista, known as Moncho. And he added: "I have a duty to this land that is the mother of eggs, of bolero, from which I have been living from during fifty-six years. Those young girls who received me so well and who are grandmothers now continue remembering me. Thats why I am here."

Moncho will start a new chapter on this relation with his unique concert From Havana to Barcelona. From Rumba to Bolero. It will take place today Saturday 23 at 8:30 p.m., in the Sala Avellaneda of the National Theatre. He announced that he will present it later on October 16, in the Gran Teatro del Liceo de Barcelona and in other Spanish stages.

The people who will participate in the concert were mentioned at a press conference held in the headquarter of the Cuban Union of Writers and Artists, which sponsors Monchos concert together with the Cuban Music Institute and the ICRT (Cuban radio and television institute). The program will be directed by Antonio Olaps. There will be the backing of Razon, Catalan group from Chipen, directed by Johnny Tarrandella. There will be also musicians from the Orquesta del ICRT (ICRT orchestra) who will be directed by Miguel Patterson. Moncho was at the press conference accompanied by Jose Loyola, first vice-president of the ICRT and president of the Boleros de Oro Festival; Harold Gramatges, president of the Asociacion de Musicos (musicians union); and other personalities.

As to the concert budget, Moncho explained that Barcelona is the Spanish city that has more in common with the Cuban music, far before the term salsa was coined. That is the root of the rumba catalana which is based on the Cuban one. The rumba catalana has its centre in the Gracia district, and it is best disseminated by Peret and his Gypsies.

Moncho answered to a question about the acceptance of his CD Moncho in Havana, recorded in the EGREM studios made by Granmas editor. He said that it has worked well because "it is very different and has a strong Cuban flavour. This CD was my first experience on this matter and now several Spanish artists are recording a phonogram with Cuban themes. I will sing Portillo de la Luz Tu, mi delirio (you, my madness), which I have already sung and made a version of it."

Source: Cubarte

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