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Fidel Castro

Dear Compatriots:

Please accept my warmest congratulations on the 48th Anniversary of the triumph of the Revolution.

We have concluded a year of tireless efforts and very encouraging results in the Battle of Ideas that we are all waging and the programs associated with the ongoing Energy Revolution and our nation's economic and social development. We hosted the Summit of the Non-Aligned Movement and we carry on with our determination to confront and overcome the US blockade and constant aggressions.

Nothing has been able to make us abandon our path.

I wish to acknowledge the serenity and maturity with which our people have acted and the good work done by our glorious Communist Party, the Revolutionary Government, our youth and grassroots organizations, the members of the Revolutionary Armed Forces (FAR) and the Interior Ministry (MININT) and our National Assembly of People's Power.

I truly appreciate your affection and support. Regarding my recovery, I always said it would be a long-term process, but certainly we are not losing this battle. I collaborate as a good and disciplined patient with the devoted team of doctors that is treating me.

I keep up to date with the main news and everything that is going on in the world today. I exchange with my closest collaborators whenever it is necessary, regarding issues of great importance.

Humanity is going through very difficult times, with wars and threats emerging everywhere and the unrestricted consumerism that is typical of the globalized imperialist system, which leads to the exhausting of major natural resources and the polluting of the environment. That, alone, justifies our heroic struggle.

Every success we achieve demands from us greater efforts to preserve it and further develop it. We need our people's full cooperation and discipline.

It is my most ardent desire that the year 2007 constitute a dawning of hope for our entire people.

Long live our Revolution on its 48th anniversary!

Fidel Castro Ruz

December 30, 2006.

"Year of the Energy Revolution"

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