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  • 11 / 29 / 2006

Fidel's 80th Anniversary
Three committees of more than 1,400 people from 81 countries attending the "Memory and Future: Cuba and Fidel" forum Wednesday in Havana expressed their "faith in the Commander whom we love and know of his robust struggle to benefit the Third World.

Discussions focus on Cuba and its leader Fidel Castro s humanitarian vocation, internationalism and contribution to science, education and culture, in a symposium that has become a global x-ray of the Cuban Revolution.

Pablo Guayasamin, leader of the Guayasamin Foundation that convoked the celebrations for the Cuban president s 80th birthday, noted the ongoing intellectual exchanges among the notables from the most varied branches of knowledge attending the ceremonial tribute.

Cuba s internationalism is discussed under a title of Jose Marti: "Homeland is Humanity" and includes the support to other peoples liberation, such as the defeat of apartheid in South Africa.

Personages like Hebe de Bonafini, president of Madres de la Plaza de Mayo and the Brazilian intellectual Thiago de Mello are among the distinguished figures in this capital to demonstrate their friendship and admiration for Fidel Castro.

Wednesday, the last day of the symposium, special addresses were anticipated from Ecuadorian writer and journalist Jorge Enrique Adoum, Mozambique leader Marcelino Dos Santos, Argentine Miguel Bonasso, as well as Cuban Chancellor Felipe Perez Roque, National Assembly President Ricardo Alarcon, and poet Roberto Fernandez Retamar, president of Havana s Casa de las Americas.

Source: Prensa Latina

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