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With a very peculiar way and a rigorous visual language, the Dominican Pedro Guzman and the Cuban Dany Hernandez -originally from Matanzas province-, depicted the experiences of our National Apostle, from their own perspectives, which make the photographic exhibition Lights of a Diary, being exhibited at Jose Marti Memorial Center, located at the Plaza de la Revolucion - Revolution Square.

As writer Hugo Luis Sanchez and the Arts Specialist Mayra Beatriz Martinez said during the opening day: -"Jose Marti was a photographer; that is, he would have been an excellent photographer if he would've liked to. But he didn't need to, since his texts are real images. A good proof of this is found in his War Field Diary.

"The texts -they added- based on the description of the different happenings appear vivid before our eyes. We keep in our minds a beautiful photo collection that we will never forget."

Pedro Guzman (Santo Domingo,1959), started his career as a newspaper photographer at El Nacional de Ahora's journal. He covered significant international events; he was a war correspondent in Central America, where he worked for several international news agencies. On the other hand, Dany Hernandes (Matanzas, 1975), has published several works in specialized magazines. He has also exhibited his works in different arts galleries. Both have determined to deal with Marti's perspective, one at La Espanola Caribbean Island -From Montecristi to Cabo Haitiano-, and the other from Playitas de Cajobabo to Dos Rios.

Lights from a Diary was sponsored by the Amazonia's Cultural Project -created by the Hermanos Saiz' Association, from Matanzas province; the Jose Marti's Cultural Society and other cultural institutions, with the purpose of promoting Latin American photography. During the inauguration of the exhibition there also was a performance by the Matanzas' Chamber Choir.

Source: Cubarte

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