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  • 10 / 03 / 2006

By: Raiko Martín

In the hard fight to win Cuban chess leadership, GM Leinier Domínguez took on his counterpart Lázaro Bruzón thus becoming the Islands player with highest ELO coefficient toppling the International Federations updated list.

In the universal ranking, Leinier could remain ranking 52nd thanks to a total of 2655 points, three units lower than the one issued in July by this organisation.

As expected, Bruzón finished 57th so falling from a 44th position now totalising 2648 units -19 points less than three months ago - mainly due to a discreet performance at the tough Biel tournament, where he finished the worst among the 7 registered contenders.

Despite the said hindrance, Bruzón goes second in the Latin American qualifying as he holds two more units than Peruvian Julio Granda, the regions closest rival on the planets top 100 chess player list.

The trio is only surpassed in the continent by the nationalized American citizens Gata Kamsky and Alexander Onischuk, holders of 2705 and 2668 respectively currently at the 19th and 40th positions in that order.

According to FIDE's recent announcement, the world list is headed by Bulgarian Vesselin Topalov with 2813 points, escorted by Indian Viswanathan Anand (2779) and Russians Vladimir Kramnik (2750) and Peter Svidler (2750).

The abovementioned arrangement will be most likely changed at the time of publishing next ranking according to the results of the match for the World Unified Title held in between Topalov and Kramnink, if the differences arisen between them that endanger the game resumption can be settled.

Source: CubaSi

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