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La edad de la peseta receives Award in Brazil
The 17th edition of the Ceará Iberoamerican Film Festival, recently held in the north-eastern Brazilian city of Fortaleza, granted its top awards in the fiction categories to the Brazilian movie Querô, by young filmmaker Carlos Cortez, and also to Cuba's La edad de la peseta (An Awkward Age), by also young Pavel Giroud.

The Cuban movie received three important awards in the categories of Best Director, Best Soundtrack (by Ulises Hernández) and Best Art Direction (by Vivian del Valle). These awards join similar honors won by the film in the festivals of La Habana, Cuba, and San Francisco, United States.

In the closing ceremony of the Festival in Fortaleza, there was a tribute, and an honorary award, to Brazilian photographer and documentary maker Thomas Farkas, who recently co-directed, along with Ricardo Dias, the short musical documentary Pixinguinha e a Velha Guarda do Samba.

Farkas has been linked to many of the best Brazilian documentaries produced between the 1960s and the 1980s, including some directed by Geraldo Sarno and Sergio Muñiz. Also in the closing gal, the Cuban film Madrigal by Fernando Pérez, which is touring several international festivals, was screened.

The director of the Festival, Wolney Oliveira, from the first graduation of the International Filmmaking and Television School of San Antonio de los Baños in Cuba, could hardly hide his emotions when he told reporters that "this edition consolidates the festival as an Iberoamerican event that was historic because things of great significance happened such as the screening, for the first time in Brazil, of a Guatemalan film like Las Cruces by Rafel Rosal. It is very good for the festival." Wolney also highlighted the tribute paid during the festival to Brazilian actress Vanja Orico, the main character of O Cangaceiro (1953), one of the most internationally watched Brazilian films of all times.

Source: Cubarte

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