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Jazz Café

Im not quite sure this issue has been discussed before, but, at least, as regards with Jazz Café, it was like this: after receiving the 16th Congress of the CTCs flag, a few days ago -out of date, but better late than never- it was taken into account the emulation parameters and the role of this center as a cultural institution. It has been long and very hard to understand Cuban culture as a necessary element for the development of the domestic tourism industry.

This is a topic that has been discussed in depth at the different Congresses sponsored by UNEAC -the Cuban Writers and Artists Association- and systematically evaluated at the Commissions of Culture and Tourism that, for more than a decade, have worked at a national scale. A link between both sectors require of an organic articulation that reconciles and fosters an efficient economic administration with the rigorous promotion of the cultural values.

For this reason its so motivating the fact that one of the sanctuaries that shows not only to the foreign visitor, but also to the Cuban public, what our jazz movement -considered by the world as one of the movements that most contribute to the development of the Latin jazz music- is doing at present- has been assumed by its artistic projection.

Jazz Café has a rigorous and diverse programming, with outstanding artists and groups as Cesar López and Habana Ensemble, Oscar Valdés and Diákara, and that vocal phenomenon called Sexto Sentido. Its workers staff and directives insist on offering an excellent artistic service, which contrasts with other experiences that have not taken into consideration the demands of the artistic program, or have fallen into populist and mercantile concessions.

The coming months will be carried out the process for the 7th Congress of UNEAC, where the links between culture and tourism will be discussed once more.

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