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By Uriel Medina

Semaver Theatre Company has staged in Istanbul the play Chamaco by novel Cuban playwright Abel González Melo under the direction of Orestes Pérez Estanquero. The play that opens the citys theatre season will be onstage in October.

It premiered through a dramatized reading directed by Alberto Sarraín in Havanas Teatro Nacional de Guiñol in April, 2005 in the auspices of Casa Editorial Tablas-Alarco stared by Pérez Estanquero in the role of Alejandro.

While its first staging came early this year with Carlos Celdrán directing Group Argos Teatro in Sala Noveno piso of the Teatro Nacional. The piece is an experimental poetry telling about the conflicts that a young countryside man goes through in the capital city, where he has come after fortune and a better lifestyle and where he found love an death.

At that time, the play was staged by notable actor Fernando Hechavarría and Fidel Betancourt in the leading characters and Maestro Pancho García, while supporting roles were played by young actors Laura Ramos, Yailín Coppola, Deisy Sánchez, Caleb Casas, José Luis Hidalgo and Ulises Peña, illumination by Manolo Garriga and wardrobe by Vladimir Cuenca.

Chamaco is in Turkey thanks to Sakip Murat Yalçin's translation work. Semaver undertook the challenging work of avoiding the two nations' cultural differences since the play gives a rich theatrical outlook on Cuba.

On the other hand, the Turkish starring is composed of Ahmet Kaynak Kárel Darín playing as the young man; Mete Horozoglu as lawyer Alejandro Depás, Fatih Dönmez Miguel Depás as the lawyers son and actress Gökçe Sezer as young lady Silvia Depás.





Mounting features a cinematographic notion of contemporaneous scenes envisioned by Cuban artistic director Orestes Pérez Estanquero, sound production by Melis Sesen and Belkis Sosa and set design by Abeloliva. Also costume design is by Nazlý Ezgor, while Cem Yýlmaze directs light works in the Turkish Republic and Fatih Dönmez as director assistant. Volkan Sariöz directs filming images and Eda Çatalçam and Celik Bilge general production.


Source: CubaSi

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