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  • 09 / 23 / 2006

Ignacio M. Doubrechatt

The Festival will be inaugurated with the running of the Colombian film Rosario Tijeras, of director Emilio Maillé, and reflects the social conflicts of Medellin in the decade of 80s. Another film of that cinematography in the event will be La sombra del caminante (The Shadow of the Walker).

Mexico will present Carlos Reygadas's film Batalla en el cielo (Battles in Heaven), works that rose a wide polemic in the last Festival of Cannes. And from Chile will be exhibited La última luna (The Last Moon).

While from Cuba comes a musical movie, the premiere of filmmaker Jorge Luis Sánchez, inspired in the life of the famous singer Benny Moré, very well known in Venezuela for a public that eagerly expects the vision of El Benny that will take place in the Fine Arts Theater.

The event has been qualified as a space revealing the passion of Latin American movie fans for art. Zaida Gotera de Prado, President of Foundation of Baralt Theater, indicated that this is the opportunity of enjoying film productions in 35 mm format, because movies "won't be any regular small projections, they will be like in theaters, but with smaller size."

Guadalupe Sánchez, Fundacine chairman, highlighted that with the development of this Ibero-American encounter a new opportunity arises in the Cinemateque of Zulia by an already established agreement. "Now with the incorporation of the university cinema club this second stage of the festival is renewed in the screen of our regional cinemateque."
Juan Carlos d' Empaire, director of the Fine Arts Center also emphasized that within the Second Ibero-American Festival he offered a cinema forum last Monday September 18th, with the movie La sombra del caminante (The Shadow of the Walker), where it was invited as international guest the film director Ciro Guerra, director of the film and winner of the cinema award in construction of San Sebastián Festival.

"It was an opportunity to interact and comment the film in flesh with the director; it was a unique experience with movie lovers."

Source: CubaSi

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