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  • 10 / 21 / 2006

By Hernan Bosch

With the production of some 116 tons of bee honey from January through September, beekeepers in eastern Las Tunas province have doubled their 2005 results.

One of the factors that has enabled an increase in this activity is the abundance of honey-producing flowers resulting from the latest rains that have fallen in this territory.

Las Tunas has been Cuba's driest province over the last ten years. That adverse climate seriously affected agriculture and other related activities.

Bee honey is a highly exportable product and it sells for high prices in the international market as it is widely used in the pharmaceutics, food, and the cosmetic-production industries, among others.

In addition it has innumerable medicinal properties. It is a high energy foodstuff, it helps sleep and has a very favourable action on the skin and respiratory organs.

After a notable decrease in the production of bee honey during the 1990's, Cuba has been able to gradually increase production to 7,000 tons annually since 2003 and is working on reaching the record of 10,000 tons set in 1983.



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