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Holguin's water lines to go through major repair works

Acomprehensive restoration of the water supply system carried out by the Cuban government will aid most of Holguin's 300 000 inhabitants in the city of the parks, eastern Cuba.

The renewal works will be perform by a local entrepreneur unit which first brigade was officially created last week.

Ernesto Ochoa, head engineer of the contingent with 64 members, said that the first works will begin on the crowded El Llano district , north of this city, located some 734 kilometers east of Havana.

During the first stage, the works will place and replace over 800 kilometers of primary and secondary pipelines with pipes of high density polyethylene made in Havana and Ciego de Avila provinces.

The project first works in Holguin will also include the renewal of the water duct from the filtering plants of Gibara's reservoir to the Alcides Pino district, with the highest population density in the city with over 40 000 inhabitants.

Such works will allow for significant water savings in Holguin, where leakages surpass the 60 percent of the pumped supplies due to the bad conditions of the lines.

Holguin city has three water reservoirs: Gibara, Güirabo and Cacoyugüín, for the supply to the local population recently affected by a rough lasting drought.
Other cities to profit from projects like the one in Holguin are Havana, Camaguey, and Las Tunas.

Miguel Diaz Canel, member of the PCC Politburo and its first secretary in the province presided over the act to inagurate the renewal works.

Source: By Alexis Rojas Aguilera,

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