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  • 09 / 24 / 2006

Today at 5:00 pm, Havanas Amadeo Roldán Auditorium to host a new memorable event of Cuban concert music, the world premiere of "Suitanga Orquestal" (Orchestral Suitanga), symphony cycle by Jorge López Marín (1949) dedicated to the National Symphony Orchestra.

The work, concluded this same year, is made up of four movements: "Tangueando con tumbao", "Blues esencial", "Punto bembeleso" and "Chongueada", which recreate genres and rhythms of popular music in the most classic symphonic style.

According to the notes to maestro López Maríns program, "Tangueando con tumbao has two previous versions, the first for piano and string orchestra, and the second for instrumental orchestra. It has a proper thematism, close to the tanguero thing, but made in a polyphonic and homophone-polyphonic way, either in the first great section (Tangueando) or in the second (Tumbao), which constitutes the animic end of the whole movement. The overall sonority is full, with a rhythmically active pulse".

About "Blues esencial" it affirms that this is a "more rhythmic movement, of ternary rhythm, destined to strings with flutes that reinforce high-pitched voices". Attendees will be able to listen to intonations derived from the main theme of the first movement, as well as an intense poly-rhythmic work indispensable for the prominence of polyphony by levels.

The name of the third movement results from the simbiosis between punto guajiro (rural music) and bembe, united in an 'eloquent delight' and the last one (Congueada) has a structure close to the Allegro-sonata, where the binary rhythm of conga imposes itself in evident stylistic "contamination" with rock.

Completing this concert program is Concerto for harp, flute and orchestra in Do Major, K 299, by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756-1791), where both Mirtha Batista (1945), the only Cuban harpist, and young flutist Floraimed Fernández (1974) will be able to show off.

That same afternoon attendees will also listen to Symphony No.2 in C Minor, "Bogatyrskaia", by Alexander Borodín (1833-1887).

All the pieces will be conducted by maestro Jorge López Marín himself, who holds the academic category of PhD in Art Sciences, is a member of the Musicians Association of the National Guild of Cuban Writers and Artists (UNEAC) and obtained the Distinction for National Culture.

Source: Yimel Díaz Malmierca, Trabajadores

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