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 Hand to Hand: Alberto Cortez and Pablo Milanes

Two of the greatest voices of Latin American music, also privileged for their condition as authors of anthological songs, the Argentinean Alberto Cortez and the Cuban Pablo Milanes will make history in a two-man presentation.

The city of Santo Domingo, capital of the Dominican Republic will be the venue, to offer the Antillean public in the Main Room of the National Theater what its judged by the press as the musical show of the year.

Both singers will offer two concerts on August 3 and 4 in the aforementioned city under the name From Poet to Poet where they will meet for the first time to thrill the audience which is already making lines to buy their tickets.

Thus, sheltered by the Caribbean will be heard again in Pablos voice some of the most anthological hits like Yolanda, Yo me quedo, Amo a esta isla, El breve espacio en quie no estas, and Cuanto gané, cuánto perdí among other compositions.

While the South American Alberto Cortez will also render his sensitivity to the Dominican public by singing some of his most beautiful songs like Cuando un amigo se va, A partir de mañana, El soñador, la soledad, and Te llegará una rosa among others.

Both singers are worldwide famous and qualified as "great contemporary authors" for the quality and number of compositions, intense, heartbreaking and an exceptional beauty" they are anxiously expected by Santo Domingo. The public will enjoy a genuine art from the lyricism and melody of their songs where are present the Argentinean roots of tango and milonga and the Afro-Caribbean rhythms in the depth of an art that breathes identity.

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