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Hanabanilla, nature and legend
Although the Cuban aboriginal race became extinct few years after the arrival of the Spanish colonizers, many places and words related to them have transcended to the present time.

A picturesque and exuberant place is located in the central part of the island known as Hanabanilla that means small gold basket in aboriginal language. Although a deposit of this valued mineral has never been found in this area, it does not mean that the aboriginal people would not have it. This place owes its name to the incomparable natural values that treasures it. The most prized value of that site was the young aboriginal princess Hanabanilla that named this place who was the daughter of Arimao, one of the most respected caciques in the island.

This Cubas forest reserve is located in the Escambray Mountains and it not only highlights due to its abundant vegetation but also its coolest microclimate (an average of 21 to 25 degree Celsius)

According to the legend, the young princess used to look in the mirror of crystalline waters of the Hanabanilla river that reaches 364 meters above the sea level and it is said this river has aquiferous and subterranean supply and whose waterfall is one of the most beautiful pictures of the Cuban nature. This river covers an area of 15 kilometers and it is 30 to 40 meters deep.

Among others striking natural treasures, this place has its endemic species like Sapo de Hanabanilla that only has its habitat there.

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