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Tiger shark

By: Alexis Rojas Aguilera

The news shot spread on the streets of Gibara, the White Seaside City: A tiger shark, 800 pounds heavy, had been caught on its bay, just like the one coming out of Spielberg wild imagination in Jaws. Such catch is very unusual in the local history.
Fishermen Ramon Arias and Sandro Rodriguez, from the Pepin Infante Sports Base, aboard Andros boat, caught the shark off the northern coastline while chasing Dorado fish.
Yet ashore, with its scratched loin that reminds of the tiger's patches, beautiful Galeocerdo Cuvier; frighteningly not only by name, was astonishing.
Common dweller of tropical shallow waters, as well as of deep seas worldwide; the tiger shark, with its sharp saw teeth and wide feeding habits, is known to be one of the most dangerous species to the man, second only to the big white; thus, the dangers that surely Arias and Rodriguez faced. Old people did not miss the chance to tell tales of such encounters and their mysteries.
The truth is that tiger sharks can reach colossal dimensions, up to nine meters length, and according to experts, three tons of weight. This oviparous animal that breeds 30 to 50 dogfish in each reproductive cycle; capable with its powerful jaws of crushing whale bones and even hard chelonian shells, is the most dangerous specie that prowls Cuban waters.
Will it be in February when such shark catches will happen? According to Mayra Beatriz Soto, adviser of local radio broadcasting station, "the larger is yet to be caught or maybe it was the one that escaped some fishermen. But a tiger will always be a tiger."

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