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Roble de Olor
The Cuban movie ¨Roble de olor¨ (¨Scented oak¨), directed by Rigoberto López, was positively acclaimed in Port au Prince, the capital city from Haiti, on occasion of the Caribbean Itinerant Movie Exhibition, which is taking place this week in that Caribbean nation.

Local press media reported that a notable and enthusiast concurrence, especially of young people, has assisted to every single one of the daily movie exhibition programs from moviemakers from the region, in which 23 countries take part in the cultural initiative.

The Caribbean Itinerant Movie Exhibition, which began with the already mentioned Cuban movie ¨Roble de Olor¨, Great Dikalo Award to the Best Movie at the Pan African Cannes Festival, France, 2006, was praised by the famous Haitian intellectual Rassoul Labuchin (Anita), who emphasized on the incentive of the Creole subtitles in that movie.

He pointed put that that fact made the Haitian people proud and it contributed to the promotion of the national alphabetization campaign which is being undertake in the country with the Cuban ¨Yo sí Puedo¨ (¨I really can¨) method.

The Cuban movie maker Rigoberto López, the president from the international committee who organized the Caribbean sample, highlighted in an interview to Haitian press media, the importance of this experience for the necessary integration and collaboration of the Caribbean countries in the defense and reaffirmation of their identities.

The Exhibition and all of the thirty movies that make it up, which are subtitled in English, French, Spanish and several of them in Creole language were previously presented in Sty. Kitts and Nevis, Belice, St. Barthelemy and after their Haitian edition, they will continue their presentations in Bahamas, Jamaica, Grenada, Barbados, St. Lucia, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines and Guadalupe.

On next June, when this tour around all of the 23 countries which participate in the event is over, it will arrive in Havana and Santiago de Cuba on occasion of the International Culture and Development Congress.

Source: Cubarte


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