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International airlines showed satisfaction for the discount to diverse aircraft services carried out by the Institute of Civil Aeronautics of Cuba (IACC), confirmed vice-president Mayda Molina.

Foreign airlines welcome this measure, Molina told Prensa Latina on Friday, when commenting on the decrease in 20 percent of the landing rates and parking of airplanes in force since May 1st.

The readjustment was also carried out to a group of services and the costs of the fuel with the objective of supporting the development of the tourism in the island, as it was indicated it would work.

Also it is an effort to help the international air companies to improve their competitiveness.

Molina said that the adjustment does not imply to sacrifice the levels of efficiency and security of the services that lends that entity in the sailing area, but rather they will spread to be better.

Our country has had a systematic politics of improving the conditions of operation of the airlines so much national as foreigners and on that base we have made investments in air navigation teams, she specified.

The tourist industry is one of the fundamental activities of the economy of the island, and it depends in a great measure of the air transport in its efforts for more growth.

Cuba received in 2006 3.3 million foreign visitors, more than in 2005, but a little less than two million and a half.

Source: Prensa Latina

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