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First transatlantic flight Sevilla-Camaguey
Many important events mark the aviation history throughout the world; however, Cuban people are especially proud of the first transatlantic flight Sevilla- Camaguey carried out by two Spanish pilots in the morning of June 10, 1933.

Captain Mariano Barberan and Lieutenant Joaquin Collar were the pilots of the Cuatro Vientos spacecraft. They traveled 4533 miles over the Atlantic Ocean, throughout it widest part on board of that large Hispano-Swiss Breguet of 850 HP.

The landing in Camaguey was at the following day in the morning, therefore that historical flight had duration of 24 hours. They only stayed in that city for some hours because they were taken to Havana for being received with great fanfare.

Captain Barberan brought some letters that would be considered the first ones of the future postal service.

On the other hand, after a few days of celebration they resume they journey to Mexico with the worst climatological conditions and the flight never get to its destination.

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