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The Fiesta de la Cubania 2006 (Cuban party 2006) will be celebrated, as it is already a tradition every year, from 17 to 20 October in Bayamo, a city in the Province of Granma, situated to the Eastern part of Cuba, where a tribute will be payd to Cuban culture and its universal character.

The annual encounter sees the exhibition of the best out of the cultural traditions, the folklore, the artistic projects and the intellectual thinking, with important discussion forums around socio-cultural processes that have contributed to the formation of the nationality, the Cuban culture and the cultural challenges and alternatives of our times.

To the Fiesta de la Cubanía assist yearly artists, writers, researchers, professors, historians, sociologists, critics, audio-visual producers, cultural promoters, cultural specialists, intellectuals and experts from the artistic and humanist universe.

Conferences, panels and debates, 18 October.

- XV Crisol de la Nacionalidad (XV Nationality Melting Pot), a forum of historiographical and sociological controversies around Cuban nationality and culture. Panel: Periodization and stages of the Cuban nation.

- XV Coloquio de Literatura (XV Literature Colloquium), a meeting of writers and intellectuals, management committee of the critical discourse and social thinking. Panel: Literature and civism in the formation of the Cuban nationality.

- VII Homenaje y Reflexión (VII Tribute and Reflection). A stage that debates the significance of the heritage values and their preservation. Panel: Fiftieth Anniversary of the Landing of the Granma. Preservation of the historical memory.

Panel in a plenary session, 19 October.

- A space for great reflections arount the problems of todays cultures and societies. Panel: The nationalities and the nations in the face of the persistence of globalization and terrorism. The duty of art, culture and the people of good.

- Interactive digital forum open in

- The nationalities and the nations in the face of the persistence of globalization and terrorism.

- Cultural diversity and social exclusion.

- From mediatic power to cultural power.

- Cultures, nationalities and alternatives in the face of a cultural war.

- The art from today in the face of the current problems.

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