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Fidel Castro

Cuban President Fidel Castro's latest publications have called the world to reflect on the most urgent problems of humanity, writer Stella Calloni stated.

Referring to two articles written by the Cuban Revolution leader, the also journalist said, "It s a good thing to see him in action and his precise, clear and defined words have caused a great stir!"

Calloni noted that the issues analyzed by the president are relevant, and only a leader like him can raise the conscience of the rest of the world, "Granma" newspaper reported.

"How wonderful is we can read him now in what I call the necessary warnings and we really see what we have to see and assimilate in those times," states the writer.

On behalf of many people, among them his pupils, the Argentinean academic sent a message of respect and gratitude to the Cuban head of State for always thinking about saving humanity.

Source: Prensa Latina

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