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The premiere of the documentary "Secretos desde el Malecón Habanero" (Secrets from the Havana Malecon) portraying part of the life and work of the Cuban revolutionary journalist Néstor Baguer, was successfully received at the Luanda Cinema in the eastern province of Las Tunas.

In its 27 minutes, the film showed a high testimonial value provided by different people meeting Baguer who appears in his last press interview made by the documentarys co-director Froilán González.

Trough the film, the audience could also know about the book "Agent Octavio" (El agente Octavio) where Baguer intended to write on his life as a covered agent of the Cuban State Security but that was interrupted by his decease in October 2004.

Froilán González and his wife Addys Cupull, authors of important books on the life and work of Ernesto Guevara, Mariana Grajales, Tina Modotti and Julio Antonio Mella, explained that this premiere was present to the people of that eastern province turning its 210th anniversary on September 30.

The documentary, also directed by Miguel Guzmán, is an Italian-Cuban-Spanish co-production and it is expected to represent Cuba in various events like the New Latin American Film Festival to be held next December in Havana.

"Secretos desde el Malecón Habanero" is based on the homonymous book written by Froilán and his son and presented by the April Publishing House. The authors based on Baguer's memories, interviews to his daughter, press notes and written documents.

In 2003 Baguer and other agents were selected by the Cuban Security to testify on the subversive activities boosted by the US Interests Section in Cuba and those by contra revolutionary groups organized and financed by the US imperialism.

Source: Cubarte

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