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The First National Guitar Orchestra Encounter in Cuba ended in this eastern Cuban city with the presentation in the Tunas Theater of a giant orchestra, made up by members of groups participating in the event.

Seven orchestras from several provinces in the country met during an entire week in this province to reafirm, away from styles, criteria and preferences, the vitality of the Cuban Guitar School.

A true chord get together whose first gift was a concert in charge of two guitar orchestras integrated by students of elementary and half professional level from the EVA, directed by Ricardo Mateo and Pablo Olivera, respectively.

A series of presentations, master lessons, methodological conferences, video projections and the visit to the different municipalities of Las Tunas cae afterwards.

Each concert, each echo was a gift to the soul and to the spirituality and there is no doubt that the encounter constituted also a substantial stimulus for teaching.

Las Tunas reasserted itself as the ideal venue for this event, which is the starting point for newer and greater undertakings. The Festival was itself a recognition to the quality with which our province has been working, and a motivation to continue extending and consolidating this kind of formation in the country.

The year 2009 will be a new oportunity for exchanges and to value how much have we advanced. For that date there should exist in our country already 12 guitar orchestras.

Source: Cubarte

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