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By Yolanda Ferrera Sosa

The sincere friendship between the Cuban divas, Candita Batista and Rosita Fornés, was born half a century ago, when both coincided in a show at the Teatro Principal in Barcelona, Spain.

Camagüeyan singer, Batista, 90, and the vedette of Cuba, Rosita, 83, have widely travelled across the world, taking the best of the Cuban music in their souls and voices.

From the moment they shared the stage, mutual respect -both personal and professional - has prevailed.

Both star performers, young in their hearts in spite of their age, still continue being a pride for their Homeland.

Thats why, attending a rendezvous between Candita Batista and Rosa Fornés is always a party for the sensibility, as happened recently here in one of the activities, in occasion of the XI National Festival of Theatre.

The Casa de la Trova Patricio Ballagas, considered by many as the most beautiful premise in the whole country where troubadours and fans get together to enjoy the traditional song, welcomed the local Candita and Fornés, special guest of this edition of Camagüeys theatre event.

Fornés knew about the customary Sunday circles that in the mornings Candita livens up with its group Moquequeré, and to that place the Vedette of Cuba went to share some instants that the two singers called necessary and unforgettable:

"Rosita -said the Camagüeyan - has been my friend for many years. She is a very special person, very honest and it is a great satisfaction for me to count her among my dearest friends."

On the other hand, Rosita Fornés repeated her admiration for the woman that in her own province honours the Cuban and Latin American song with such a passion, dedication and professionalism:"I like much -Rosita added - to see how people love Candita in her Camagüey, where they lavish her with all type of attentions and recognitions. You can see her here, still singing in this beautiful Casa de la Trova on Sundays, these are things that I will never forget. Her friendship is a treasure for me."

It was a memorable morning in which two women, on the verge of turning 100 years old, remembered anecdotes of so many beautiful moments and a history that have contributed to the Cuban cultural heritage.



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