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Natural sciences
With the aim of promoting scientific work in the areas of sustainability and the protection of natural resources, a doctorate program in natural sciences has been created in the eastern Cuban province of Santiago de Cuba.

The program -which includes the studies ranging form forestry and tourism to animal ecosystems- has been operating in western Cuban since 1997 thanks to the work of universities in Aliquant, Spain and Pinar del Rio, Cuba.

This year, the venue for the doctorate program will be at the Eastern Center of Ecosystems and Biodiversity, in Santiago de Cuba.

Noted specialists from Cuba and Spain are in charge of covering coursework in seven subjects to 25 students who are to present their final work after two years.

Spanish head of the project, Antonio Escarre, stressed the achievements of the island in environmental protection and the appropriate management of its natural patrimony.

"Nearly 200 biologists, ecologists and other Cuban specialists have taken coursework in the doctorate program over the past four years, and more than 30 have attained their final credentials after defending their dissertations," said Mr. Escarre.

He praised the Cuban government's strategies of preservation and noted that Cuba's archipelago has a prominent place in the world due to its diversity.

Delegate of the Ministry of Sciences, Technology and Environment in Santiago de Cuba, Pedro Beatón, pointed out that Cuba has given top priority to doctorate programs to increase qualification levels in every field.

Source: Radio Cadena Agramonte

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