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Aboriginal evidence reported in this municipality of the Cuban province of Pinar del Río shed new lights today on the life and customs of before Columbus groups that inhabited the island centuries ago.

Simple hammers, smashing stone, flagstones, grinding stones, and a rasper are part of the discovery, result of an archaeological prospecting carried out in the cave "La Paila" in this western town.

The spelunker Pedro Luis Hernandez confirmed to Prensa Latina that in the investigation were also found fragments of human bones and faunistic remainders that were part of the basic alimentary food of the ancient residents.

Its a characteristic settlement of pre-agriculture-potter groups of Mesolithic tradition, judging by the manifestations of cave painting found in the walls of that underground cave, said Hernandez.

The place of the discovery is found in a calcareous round-top mountain of the formation in Artemisa and its one of the eight places of this municipality, 100 kilometers to the west of Havana, where were remnants of the aboriginal communities.

According to the expert, similar evidences to those reported here date of up to six thousand years of age.

The exploration and recognition of possible pre-Hispanic settlements in San Cristobal territory are carried out by the local spelunking group of Sierra del Rosario.

Source: CubaSi

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