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Cuban Science Academy
Cuban engineers were awarded today the Science Academy Prize 2006 for their study on disaster reduction in urban surroundings.

The multidisciplinary study conducted by professionals of the Superior Institute of Technology "Jose Antonio Echeverria" (CUJAE) approaches climate change and the increasing threat of natural disasters.

Considered of great relevance to Cuba, the rest of the Caribbean and Mexico, the results of research in the field of disaster reduction contained in this study include measures to be applied immediately.

These actions are being applied in Cuba by the Civil Defense and commended by the United Nations Environmental Program as world reference in this field. Work in this area in Cuba has been recognized for the results obtained through its application in over 10 industrial plants, 14 hotels and another two tourism facilities, as well as communication towers and territorial studies for the reduction of disaster damage.

The Group for Reduction of Disasters (GREDES in Spanish) has already earned a name for itself domestically and abroad. The work that won the Cuban Academy of Sciences Prize 2006 shows the results of this group, pioneer of this activity in the country.

Main authors of the awarded work are: Obdulio Coca, Emilia Fors, Jorge Arcos and Ramiro Betancourt, all engineers of the GREDES staff.

Source: Prensa Latina

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