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Digital telephony grows in Las Tunas, Cuba
In more than 12,000 new digitized lines and wireless telephones grew the Cuban eastern province of Las Tunas, since it was introduced to develop the communications in Cuba in 2004.

A millionaire investment in foreign currency allowed enlarging until more than 26, 000 the clients, with a social policy of installing those means of communication to the most remote places of the territory, some 657 kilometers east from Havana. This work has not finished yet since there are two capital municipalities without plants and digital telephones.

The advances are significant since 85 percent of the province has telephones, as long as the service is supported by public phone booths, while the population in 33 communities, up to 300 inhabitants, receives wireless telephones with capacity for 400 minutes per month.

The manager of ETECSA, Telephone Company, in Las Tunas, Jaime Chiong, asserted that although the telephony density is still low with an average of 5.8 per each 100 inhabitants, the difference regarding Latin America is that the service extends toward the population in cities and rural areas, and not only in the big cities as in other countries.

"Our reality is that the investments reached until the most distant high schools and boarding senior high schools, as well as to maternal homes and houses for old men, rural doctors offices, farms and companies of the ministries of Sugar Industry and Agriculture," said Mr. Chiong.

Source: By Ulises Espinosa Núñez, Tiempo21

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