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  • 06 / 09 / 2007

Che Guevara represents resistance and his ideas have reached many people, said his daughter Aleida Guevara March during an interview published by the Spanish newspaper "El Pais" Friday.

Aleida was interviewed on a trip to Barcelona, where she attended several activities to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the fall in combat of the mythical Argentinean-Cuban guerrilla fighter in Bolivia, organized by Catalonia's "Casa America."

Questioned on the omnipresent image of Che, Aleida responded that when she is out of Cuba many young people talk of her father "like a flag representing resistance, a man whose ideas have reached many people."

Talking on national current issues, Che s daughter said that "Cuba is blockaded by the strongest economic and military power of the world and that s why we have great difficulties, but we have survived without depending on United States or Europe."

Source: Prensa Latina

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