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Sierra Maestra
The revolutionary government of Cuba never forgot the Sierra Maestra mountains. For the last five years the massif that surrounds the island's southeast has been witness to the arrival of new technology that enables inhabitants to keep in touch with the rest of the world.

Fifty years ago, the precipitous hills of the eastern municipality of Guamá were the scenes of the principal battles fought by the guerrilla army led by Fidel Castro against the ruling tyrannical regime.

This rural area is now electrified thanks to various development programs that include the use of solar panel systems. Local residents can enjoy fifty television rooms equipped with modern TV sets.

Fifteen of these rooms have satellite receivers for the reception of the four main national television channels.

All this makes it possible for rural residents to be well-informed about national and international events. These also bring educational opportunities to them since various courses such as chess or sex education can be taught at these facilities.

Recreation is also provided through the showing of films and the organization of ever popular dominoes games.

Another significant benefit that the Revolution has brought to the mountains is a physiotherapy and rehabilitation service. This program is entirely free of charge and improves the quality of life of the rural population.

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