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  • 10 / 03 / 2006

Cuban dancers Amaya Rodriguez and Jaciel Gomez, and Cuban National Ballet Historian Miguel Cabrera attend the 3rd Festival of
Solidarity Dances of the Bolivarian and Caribbean Countries to be held in Venezuela. The festival organized by the Stage and Musical Arts Institute of Venezuela is held from September 30 to October 9, to honor independence deeds of
General Francisco de Miranda.Dancers from Argentina, Colombia, Ecuador, Puerto Rico, Peru and Bolivia, together with those from Cuba and the host, will also participate.

Rodriguez and Gomez will perform the pas de deux "The Corsair," a version by choreographer Alicia Alonso of the original one by Marius Petipa, and
ballets "Alfonsina," by Gustavo Herrera. They will also perform "The Store of a Woman," by Eduardo Blanco.

As part of a forum, historian Miguel Cabrera will present the paper "Dance, Root and Unity Bridge."

Source: Cubarte

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