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A non-official meeting on the prevention of hurricanes was carried out in Monterrey, Mexican state of Nuevo Leon, with the participation this week of experts from Cuba and United States.

The informal forum, run until May 25, was promoted by Wayne S. Smith, former chief of Washington Interest Section in Cuba, and host Victor Lopez Villafane, director of the Monterrey Technological Institute, Prensa Latina reported Sunday.

The Cuban delegation was led by Dagoberto Rodriguez, along with meteorologist Jose Rubiera and two physicians of the Henry Reeve Medical Brigade, who worked in Indonesia and Pakistan.

Meanwhile, the United States representation was made up of experts from the states of Alabama, Louisiana and Mississippi, as well as other members of non-governmental entities of the neighbor country.

US experts recognized speeches by Cuban physicians, who helped those victims of those natural events.

Experts from both countries disagreed the meeting can not be held in the island or US territory, due to the White House denial of granting visas to Cubans to go to that northern country or permission to their citizens to travel to that Caribbean country.

The island's experts reiterated the Havana willingness to collaborate in this sphere, in which Cuba can give important contributions.

The forum lamented the absence of Lixion Avila, from Florida's National Hurricane Center, apparently for obstacles by the US government.

Source: Prensa Latina

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