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Tobacco plantation

Tobacco Union workers will hold their 9th Congress next May 29-31 encouraged by favourable results and good prospects for the economic sector, said union general secretary Bernardo Oliva.

In recent statements to the press, Oliva stressed the high quality of the tobacco-leaf campaign this year and important improvement of the Cuban cigar industry.

The sector will use 1, 44 million dollars for repairs and maintenance activities, which will significantly improve working conditions in cigar factories and will have a positive impact on production quality and productivity.

Some 70,000 union members will gather at their congress to discuss issues relevant to union organizations and work, the revitalization of voluntary work sessions, agricultural production, cigar and tobacco production quality, among other topics.

The 9th Congress of the Tobacco Union workers will be attended by 400 delegates from around the country.

Source: Radio Habana Cuba

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