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The Cuban candidature to preside over the International Baseball Federation (IBAF) is supported by the 21 strongest countries in this sport at the world level, revealed Reynaldo Gonzalez, member of the International Olympic Committee Thursday.

Gonzalez, also an IBAF member, told Prensa Latina that the fact that his name is among the three candidates for the post does not respond only to an aspiration of Cuba, but to those of America, Europe and Asia.

After the death of former IBAF president Aldo Notari, the organization had a leadership vacuum and representatives of 20 nations proposed Gonzalez for the post in a Rome meeting in September 2006.

He mentioned Puerto Rico, Brazil, Colombia, Nicaragua, Venezuela, Italy, Spain, Chinese Taipei, and Russia as countries supporting his candidature.

Two elements were adopted in the meeting in Italy: the need to preserve unity and independence, and to fight for the return of baseball as an Olympic sport.

He said IBAF needs to better apply regulations established by the World Anti-Doping Code, and he felt optimistic for unity of the national federations, and perfection of the competition system.

He also considered some changes in the structure of the IBAF and restructuring of the links with professional institutions, with mutual respect.

Source: CubaSi

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