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 Cuban province increase tobacco production yields
A notable increase of yields in the harvest of the tobacco leaf will make it possible for Las Tunas province to reach a similar level of production as last year.

Despite the fact that so far the collection has fallen short by 470 hectares as compared to last year's harvest. By the end of the campaign, it will be possible to turn out 1, 150 tons of dry tobacco, thus equalling the output in 2006.

According to engineer Luis Enrique Santiago, assistant director of the tobacco company in Las Tunas, on this occasion the yield per hectare is higher.

Among some of the factors that have allowed for that advance are the introduction of more productive varieties and the experience accumulated over the past few years by local tobacco farmers.

A decade ago Las Tunas joined the national effort to increase the country's tobacco production. It consolidates the planting and harvesting operations, as well as the production of cigars, in spite of not having a tradition in that industry.

Source: Periodico26

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