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  • 05 / 16 / 2007

Eusebio Leal
A project that is to relate children with the heritage of the island will be presented here during the 4to Encuentro Iberoamericano de Museos y Centros Históricos (4th Spanish-Speaking American Encounter of Museums and Historical Centers), stated the organizers.

The Social childhood program at the Historical Center in Havana: the adventure of growing up in a heritage city will be the name of the workshop which will be given by specialists of the institution during the event, which will be inaugurated here on May 22nd.

According to directives from the OHC (Stands for Office of the Historian of the City), the idea constitutes an unprecedented pedagogical experiment that combines teaching with heritage lessons.

Around 19 thousand Cuban children are currently benefiting from the Classroom-Museums program, a project that propitiates the relation between them and these centers of cultural spreading and which obtained the Pilar por la Paz (Pillar for Peace) Award given by the UNESCO International Office.

The participation of that sector of the population in the cultural life of the historical center began in 1995, when the students from the zone were moved to the area occupied by the museums because of the restoration work that was taking place close to the schools.

Source: Cubarte

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