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Yusnier Viera

Yusnier Viera, the Havanian young who recently won the fourth place in the II World Olympiad of Mental Calculation, has just established a new mark that will lead him once again into the Guinness Book of Records, after identifying 56 dates among years 1600 to 2100, in one minute.

This time the venue was the television studios of Habana Channel. Before the cameras, the graduate in Computing Sciences and Professor of the University of Havana crushed the record of the German Matthias Kesselschlager who in turn had surpassed by three the mark of 42 of the young born in Bejucal. Viera, of hardly 24 years old, recovered the lead in this modality of mental calculation from the very first attempt, with 53 dates.

Then, in the seventh of the 10 possible, he moved higher the limit until approaching the threshold of one per second. When identifying on the computer screen the dates June 9th, 2064, July 21st, 1866 and May 30th, 2069, as Monday, Saturday, and Thursday, respectively, he closed successfully the seventh aleatory list which he faced.

In the prodigys own words, he had only trained to make 46 successes; but in his house, under other conditions, he has already been able to reach 61. The Cuban cybernetic revealed to Granma newspaper that he created an algorithm for this modality, and he perfected it in order to make calculations speedier. He also travels in multiplication, square roots, sum, and memorization.

Doctors Luis Ramiro Piñeiro and Alejandro Mesejo, dean and vice-dean of investigations and post-graduate courses, respectively, from the Math and Calculation building of Havana University, they corroborated the test, as witness. Meanwhile, Doctor Rita Roldán, Master Ángela León and the graduated Abel Marrero, integrated the jury. A recorded tape would be sent to the corresponding entity, in order to homologate the record.

Source: Cubarte

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