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Cuban Parrot

The Cuban parrot, an endangered bird species, has found a safe haven in Cuba following ongoing preservation efforts by environmental and governmental institutions on the island.

More than 300 species of the Cuba parrot live under protection in the Peninsula of Guanahacabibes, a World Biosphere Reserve located in the westernmost region of the country.

Before the triumph of the Cuban revolution, indiscriminate logging reduced the populations of parrots, which nest in the holes opened by woodpeckers.

Since 1959, the Cuban government has been developing a series of measures
and programs to protect the endangered bird, including regional environmental education. The colorful 13 inch parrot has been a victim of human predation mainly due to its tame nature and beauty. They delight breeders with their whistle and can imitate human words. They transmit anger and fear by flapping wings repeatedly and screech.

The natural habitat of the Cuban parrot is palms and pine trees, preferably near fruit plantations.

Green is the predominant color but there are white markings around the eyes and forehead, while the cheeks and throat have some red that at times extends to the stomach.


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