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By: Jorge Legañoa Alonso (Journalism Student)

A patriotic and revolutionary program intended to defend José Martís ideas centered the call issued by a group of Cuban intellectuals met in the Memorial paying homage to the father of the Cuban independence to respond to the Miami affronts against the National Hero.

Armando Hart Dávalos, director of the Jose Marti Programs Office, highlighted that the cause of the enemies of the Revolution is lost because the road to our people politics and culture can only be found through the Marti's vast culture and through that of the heroes of our America.

"The most important point is that these neo-annexationists daring to judge and tarnish the name of Martí are lacked of culture. Annexationists of the 20th century dedicated to distort his ideas, but these of the 21st century do not even have an idea of the annexations culture which has disappeared and thats why they say such ridiculous things about the Apostle," Hart stated.
For his part Eliades Acosta, director of the National Library, defined the act to denigrate Martí through the Miami media as a perverse affront against the nations deep essences and attributed those mistakes, trying to divide the Cuban people, to the desperation suffered by the perpetrators.

A much deeper investigation, study and promotion of the José Martí's revolutionary thought is part of the initiatives boosted by the patriotic program. In that sense organizers have proposed the inclusion of workshops, conferences and an international contest where experts will analyze his philosophical, political and historical thesis.
José Cantón Navarro, one of the participants, assured that defending José Martí is to defend the sovereignty and independence of peoples.

The call for the patriotic program brought together important institutions like the Jose Marti Programs Office, the National Library, the Memorial of the Revolution Square, the House of the Americas, the Jose Marti Forge and Studies Center as well as organizations like the Jose Marti Youth Movement and the Jose Marti Cultural Society.

Source: Juventud Rebelde


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