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The formation of artists in Cuba and in other nations brought new tendencies to the Angolan fine arts, experts quoted by the local media considered in Luanda. Angolan investigator, professor and painter Jorge Gumbe stated that despite that influence the local fine artists are specially encouraged by the essential elements of their national culture. Among other details, Gumbe referred to the fact that most of graduates from the Cuban schools retain the strokes pointing to the features of their native country.

The young artists resort to the national legends and myths by following the steps of prominent figures of the national stage like painters Francisco Van-Dúnem, Motando Alberto and Antonio Ole or the sculptors Matondo Afonso and Helga Gamboa. Gumbe explained that the Angolan art has passed by the so-called traditional, tourist, urban-popular and academic stages although at present they are all combined. Issues related to identity, history, esthetics and particularly those coming from the political, social and cultural changes constitute important sources of inspiration, he pointed out.

Jorge Gumbe graduated from the Havana National School of Arts in 1981. He was awarded the 2005 Culture and Arts National Prize and has worked as a professor in his country.

Source: Cubarte

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