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Cuban experts will brief parliamentarians on Friday on the development of the "energy revolution" undertaken on the island since 2005. These measures have included the renovation of the national electric system using modern local generating facilities to complement large regional generating plants.

Cubas energy revolution also consists of the massive replacement of high-energy-consuming home appliances for modern energy-efficient ones across the island.

These measures have largely contributed to a marked decrease in energy consumption and the eradication of blackouts within a period of only eight months.

Specialists from Argentina, Brazil, Cuba, Costa Rica and Mexico have created a working group for the design of model legislation for the efficient use of energy in the region.

The Latin American Parliament "founded on December 7, 1964 in Lima, Peru" is a permanent regional unicameral body made up of Latin American and Caribbean lawmakers democratically elected. The body, whose headquarters are located in Sao Paulo, Brazil, has regional integration as its main objective.

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