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  • 09 / 25 / 2006

A Cuban documentary about the island s medical assistance provided to different Third World countries won the top award in the film category at the 33rd International Film Season in Bahia.

The 43-minute documentary, entitled Montaña de Luz (Mountain of light), was made by a group of Cuban directors --Alejandro Gil, Rafael Solis and Alejandro Ramirez-- under the general direction of Guillermo Centeno. It shows the work of the Cuban medical personnel in Haiti, Guatemala, Mali, Namibia, Burkina Faso, Botswana and Honduras, a few of the more than 60 countries being receiving medical assistance from the Caribbean island, Granma daily reported.

The film s message of human solidarity hit home with the Brazilian audience.

In other categories, the movie El Gran Bazaar (The big bazaar) by Mozambican director Licinio de Azevedo won for fiction. The Cuban Film Institute and Cuban Radio and TV Institute co-production Amores Dificiles (Complicated love stories), directed by Kiki Alvarez, received special mention for a fiction short. The film is based on short stories by Italian author Italo Calvino.

Source: Cubarte

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