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Meteoro 2007

The general secretary of the Association of Caribbean States (ACS), Dominican Ruben Arturo Silie, praised Cuba s contributions to the Special Committee on Natural Disasters in the region.

"Cuba has the best prevention mechanisms in the entire hemisphere," Silie told Prensa Latina during a meeting of the committee, which Guatemala is presiding over this year.

The success of the Cuban program is mainly due to the long tradition for the direct protection of the population, and the existence of educational mechanisms on risks, he pointed out.

Also, there is a strong organizational structure and political leadership, which facilitates evacuation plans, Silie affirmed.

The Caribbean is a region vulnerable to catastrophes, not only natural, but also social, the ACS general secretary noted.

That will be precisely the key topic of the hemispheric conference on the reduction of natural disasters, to be held in November in Haiti, he informed.

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