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  • 11 / 02 / 2006

Coffee Cocktails
Eloy Hernández, a bartender at the Plaza Hotel, in Havana, won first award at the 2nd Grand Prix of Coffee Cocktails in Cuba.

Nivaldo García and Pavel Campos, who work at the beach resort of Varadero, in the western province of Matanzas, won the second and third prizes, respectively.

In all cases, the winning cocktails were made using Cuban rum and coffee as the main ingredients.

The contest was sponsored by Comercial CubaCafé, the Association of Cuban Bartenders and Havana Club International, and was attended by 21 barmen from all over the country.

The participants created ingenious and exquisite hot and cold cocktails using Café Serrano - 100 percent Arabic or Turquino Selecto - and Havana Club Aged Rum.

The winner at the previous contest was Antonio Calzadilla, from the central Cuban province of Cienfuegos, who prepared a cocktail called "Lágrimas Negras" (Black Tears).
Source: DTCuba

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