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Cubais willing to join a Caribbean tsunami early-warning system, which would help protect millions in the region, an expert from Cuba's National Seismological Investigation Institute said Thursday.

Speaking to experts from 20 countries at Geosciences 2007, the second session of the Cuban Earth Sciences Convention, Enrique Diego Arango said there was a need for an integrated social model to prepare the population for these devastating phenomena.

He said Cuba is vulnerable to a tsunami triggered by underwater quakes.

As hurricanes and more conventional earthquakes pose a greater risk to Cuba, it is important for Cuba to take part in international anti-tsunami networks, and collaborate in research and early warnings, Arango said.

He said that better tsunami monitoring could prevent loss of human life in vulnerable nations, especially on islands and shoreline settlements.

The convention, which ends Friday in Havana's Palace of Conventions, began with a call for the ethical, egalitarian and sustainable use of the planet's resources.

Source: Xinhua


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